Thank you!

I wish to thank all those who I have spoken with during my campaign. Listening to your ideas, questions and your views on town issues, has given me a better understanding of our community’s needs.  2021 can be the year of hope, renewed engagement in government, recovery and progress for our community.

I am so grateful to my thoughtful, creative and dedicated campaign team.  I thank you all for your tireless work on behalf of my campaign.  To all my supporters and campaign volunteers, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your calls, letter writing, postcard addressing, sign holding, donations, and all your words of encouragement.  It is inspiring and humbling to know how you all cared so deeply. To my family, I was blessed to have your understanding, support and love throughout this campaign– thank you.

I am proud of the campaign we ran, the awareness we raised, and the momentum that was built.  Going forward,  in my role as a Town Meeting Member and Chair of the Zoning Bylaw Review Committee, I will focus my work on elevating the issues that were raised during this campaign. I will continue to work with the Select Board members, Administration, staff, community business partners, leaders, and residents to listen, learn and do what I can to make things happen.