Candidate Profile: Burlington Equity Committee, Shari Ellis

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Candidate Profile from Burlington Equity Committee

“The key for Burlington’s economic recovery will be the ability for the town to facilitate, wherever possible, the efforts of all our community businesses to reopen safely, rehire and adapt to the new norms. The Board, in collaboration with our Economic Development Director and Chamber of Commerce, must … ” read more

Candidate Profile: BCAT

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Candidate Profile from BCAT

“Burlington needs a strong, knowledgeable, open minded, and experienced member who will add a diverse perspective to the existing Board, and represent the Town that Burlington is today. I am more than ready to take on this role and am confident that I will make a significant contribution as a member of the Board of Selectmen.”

“Unprecedented times call for fresh thinking so that we can approach the challenges we face with creativity. I have a deep understanding of our Town’s governance yet recognize that a new and diverse perspective is critical to guiding our community forward.” read more

Candidate Profile: Burlington Patch

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Candidate Profile from Patch

“While it is evident that all three candidates love our community and have served the town in various capacities, I represent a different and important perspective: civically, professionally and personally.”

“I believe that on several occasions, this current Board has missed opportunities to better represent our community. Three such examples illustrate that point.” read more