Thanks to everyone who has endorsed my election to Burlington's Board of Selectmen.

Burlington residents supporting Shari

“In Town Meeting and the committees she has served on, I’ve seen Shari work hard for the people of Burlington. She does her homework, gets to know the issues, and brings well thought out proposals to Town Meeting. She has led efforts to ensure proper oversight of the town budget and improve land use. I know she will bring that same leadership and hard work to the Board of Selectmen for the residents of Burlington. Please join me in voting for Shari for the Board of Selectmen.”

Dan Grattan resident, former Selectmen and Town Meeting Member

“Shari Ellis is a thoughtful, collaborative leader who listens and considers multiple viewpoints. Her experience in multiple settings of town government will be an asset on the Select Board. Shari's commitment to the betterment of Burlington will be a benefit to us all.”

Carl Foss, School Committee Member

“Shari is smart and thoughtful, always focused on important values and improving the Town for everyone. She has identified many issues in Burlington over the years that needed improvement, and she works diligently until they are fixed. Shari is open-minded and listens well. I hope that you will join me in voting for Shari Ellis for Selectman on April 10th.”

Martha Simon, School Committee Member, President of the Friends of the Landlocked Forest

“Shari Ellis is a collaborative leader who is driven by a conviction to advance a better Burlington for all. She is solution-oriented, has a strong work ethic, and extensive experience in several areas of Town governance, operations, civic engagement, and service. Shari Ellis has demonstrated a dedication to issues that matter and has proven her effectiveness. She is equipped to bring a new, future-oriented approach, to the Board of Selectmen. I am energized by her candidacy, and endorse her wholeheartedly.”

Schiffon Wong, Town Meeting Member Precinct 4, Member Burlington Public Schools Equity Committee; Leadership Team Burlington Against Racism and 3rd Vice President, NAACP, Mystic Valley Area Branch

"Having worked with Shari on a number of issues, she's impressed me with her dedication to collaboration. She believes strongly in seeking all different opinions and expertise, and does the work of putting that together to form solutions that best serve the town."

Ed Parsons, Town Meeting Member Precinct 6, Zoning Bylaw Review Committee Member

“"I am pleased to endorse Shari Ellis for the Board of Selectmen. Shari has been a hard-working public servant to Burlington for many years. I am so happy that she is bringing her expertise to the Selectmen. As a Town Meeting Member, and Chair of the Zoning Bylaw Review Committee, Shari brings a unique perspective to the board, and a depth of knowledge that few people can offer."

Barbara L’Heureux Chair, Planning Board

“Shari had a prominent role in the successful effort to save the Landlocked Forest and was instrumental in establishing the Zoning Bylaw Review Committee where she serves as Chair. I have personally seen her in action at our Town Meetings as well as many, many Town board and commission meetings. Shari is passionate about making Burlington a better place to live. When she takes on a cause, she keeps at it until there is a resolution. She is able to accomplish so much because of her incredible energy and insight into the inner workings of all aspects of town government and town politics. She will make an absolutely great addition to the Board of Selectmen.”

David Miller, Town Meeting Member Precinct 4, Bylaw Review Committee and Information Systems Security Advisory Committee

“For many years I have observed this very bright and dedicated woman work tirelessly for the benefit of Burlington. I had the good fortune to work closely with Shari on a few Town oriented projects and observed her sharp critical thinking and executive skills. I am very pleased that Shari is now willing to share those skills and talents with the people of Burlington in an expanded role. I wholeheartedly endorse Shari Ellis and ask that you vote to elect her to the Burlington Select Board.”

Jack Kelly, Town Meeting Member Precinct 7 and Former Planning Board Member

“I have had the honor of working with Shari on Town Meeting, Zoning and Senior Housing issues for the past 3 years. Shari has a well-deserved reputation for being exceptionally knowledgeable in all aspects of Burlington governance; being a strong communicator and consensus builder; she is thorough and tenacious in her ability to solve problems and a person you can count on to take action when action is needed. Shari is more than ready for this role and I believe Burlington would benefit greatly with Shari on the Board of Selectmen.”

Betsey Hughes, Town Meeting Member Precinct 7, Vice Chair Zoning Bylaw Review Committee

“Shari has proven her ability to make change as a Town Meeting Member, and as a member of the Select Board, she will be able to maximize her positive impact. Please join me in voting for Shari. I know that if elected, she will work to ensure that our local government is transparent, accessible and inclusive of all members of our diverse Burlington community.”

Judith Crossman, BPS Teacher, District Equity Committee Member

“I have known Shari Ellis for over two decades. She is vested in Burlington as a whole town. She goes the extra mile to seek information to make decisions for residents. Shari is committed in every task she undertakes. Shari investigates, reads articles, and attends meetings. Shari is a dedicated parent, voter, tax payer and Town Meeting member. She cares about Burlington and its future. My vote is for Shari!”

Priscilla Scanio, resident

“Shari’s knowledge of a broad range of issues for the town includes questioning and challenging the assumptions of our financial resources. It’s this passion, commitment and intelligence that makes her a great candidate for Selectman.”

Eileen Sickler, Town Meeting Member Precinct 4, Member of Audit and Transportation Committees

“I have known Shari for over 20 years, and both watched and supported her as she championed through Town Meetings varied issues impacting our community. Shari is an unbiased listener who always puts in the extra effort to research topics being discussed. Burlington will benefit from her input, ideas, and dedication as a Member of the Board of Selectmen.”

Donna Coe, Burlington resident

“Shari, in her many years as a Town Meeting Member, has proved to be capable and productive; she does her homework. Shari gets things done."

Mildred Nash, Town Meeting Member Precinct 3

“I am pleased to endorse Shari Ellis as a candidate for the Board of Selectmen She listens, she learns, and she leads."

Patricia O’Brien, Land Use Committee, Transportation Committee and Town Meeting Member Precinct 2

“Shari is the leader Burlington deserves. Her depth and breadth of knowledge related to several functions of town government make her a tremendous asset. She has demonstrated herself as a thought leader capable of moving others towards consensus on issues of land use, zoning and municipal finance. Her leadership style is one that is set by positive example through listening, learning and studying each issue thoroughly. It’s been a pleasure serving with her as a Town Meeting member, and any board or committee in town is enhanced with her involvement..”

Adam Senesi, Town Meeting Member Precinct 1

“Shari is exactly the type of person you want representing you in Town Hall! She’s responsive, hardworking, and cares deeply about Burlington. I know she will be an informed, principled, independent and ethical advocate for our community. ”

Andy Wells-Bean, Town Meeting Member Precinct 3