Economic Health

As a town, it is critical to adapt to the evolving business climate in order to manage through the short-term financial challenges of 2021 and 2022, that ensures the long-term health of Burlington’s economy. Actions to consider:

  • Thoughtfully and creatively address how to manage the current revenue decline; with tax increases being the option of last resort
  • Proactively engage with commercial property owners to understand their current challenges, plan for the future, and any resulting impact on our Town
  • Actively seek federal, state and philanthropic funds to supplement Burlington’s existing tax base
  • Promote a diverse commercial base, while managing the fluctuations of the current economy, through creative use of zoning, planning and economic development resources.
  • Encourage and promote opportunities for public/private partnerships.

My track record of improving economic health, promoting fiscal responsibly and managing redevelopment includes:
  • As a Town Meeting Member, I was involved in the formation of a formal review of the School Department budgets, resulting in the School Committee developing new and updated policies for transparent financial review, budget tracking and procurement
  • As a Land Use Committee Member, I worked to revise the Zoning Bylaws to allow for a more streamlined transparent process for mixed use developments to support more diverse and vibrant areas of town resulting in better management of the development process
  • As a Town Meeting Member responsible for the passage of the Town’s Operating Budget, I actively participated in the review of all the Town Departments financial budget discussions for the past 25 years.