The dialog between residents and Town Government is critical to the future success of the Town. Open, frequent and direct two-way communications are essential to meet the challenges that we face. Residents should be encouraged to be engaged and have an opportunity to be heard on issues that are meaningful to them. Actions to consider:

Shari Ellis, Meals on Wheels

  • Leverage my strong positive relationships with the Town Boards and Departments to foster collaborative and productive communication, promoting an environment of mutual accountability
  • Sponsor the development of a Municipal Communications Plan that proactively provides opportunities to engage and encourage open communications through various means, such as community forums, surveys, traditional and social media
  • Search for opportunities and ways to inform residents about the many opportunities, resources and special places that Burlington has to offer.
  • Promote programs and services, places and events of interest in town, and resources that benefit our residents and businesses

My track record advocating for open communication, community engagement and inclusion, both in my municipal and professional career includes:
  • As a Special Education Instructional Assistant, and an Elder Agency Resource Specialist, I had the opportunity to listen, understand and advocate for a diverse demographic of individuals, who needed assistance with navigating the complexities of systems, programs and available opportunities.
  • In my capacity as a Town Meeting Member and key proponent for the passage of the Director of Diversity Equity and Inclusion position for the Burlington Schools, I listened and gained valuable insights from students, staff and the administration about the economic, social and racial inequities in our town’s schools. Effectively advocating and communicating for equitable access and opportunities for all students, resulted in the approval of the position.
  • As a Meals-on-Wheels volunteer, I am a listener, supporter and advocate for Burlington seniors, while I provide a service that is critical to allow seniors to stay in the setting of their choice.
  • As Chair of the Zoning Bylaw Review Committee, I work with key town departments to improve the communication and distribution process for Warrant Article Submissions.