Community Character

Burlington’s strong community character lies in our diverse business, commercial and residential communities, which will be strengthened as we continue to support and embrace this diversity. Actions to consider:

Grand View Farm

  • Use the Burlington Master Plan as a tool to guide us in the development and redevelopment of our community connections, by expanding housing opportunities and transportation sources between the commercial and residential areas … benefiting both businesses and residents
  • Continue support of Burlington's Economic Development; seek alternative funding sources for local initiatives while proactively managing the development in our Town
  • Assure that our parks, playgrounds and recreation fields are safe, well maintained, and a source of pride to the community.
  • Seek cost effective opportunities to invest and improve access, including transportation and sidewalks, to our many recreation areas, parks, playgrounds and community spaces.
  • Maintain, support and promote the high-quality emergency services: Police, Fire and Emergency Services

My track record with building a vibrant community includes:
  • As a champion of our Zoning Bylaws, and understanding their importance to the responsible development of our community, I created legislation to establish the Zoning Bylaw Review Committee and currently serve and its Chair
  • As a key proponent of Warrant Articles to upgrade Bedford Street and Terrace Hall sidewalks; resulting in the establishment of the Sidewalk Development Program
  • I was a vocal resident participant in the development of the Burlington Master Plan
  • As a Steering Committee member, I worked to educate the town as to the benefits of the Community Preservation Act