Environment and Open Space

The Town must do more to protect our water and land resources, working toward a more sustainable quality of life and future for Burlington. Actions to consider:

  • Burlington residents currently benefit from over a dozen parks and open spaces. While several of these have protected status, others would benefit from improved stewardship and enhanced protections

  • Utilizing the Burlington Master Plan as a framework, the Town should support its recommendations for a healthier walkable, bikeable Burlington by taking advantage of the open spaces and parks to encourage connectivity
  • In support of Burlington’s recent vote to achieve 100% renewable energy within two decades, the Town should promote initiatives that ensures residents and community partners benefit from as many clean energy programs, jobs and health benefits as possible
  • Increase greenspace by developing a strategy for acquiring lands adjacent to parks and recreation areas, when economically viable

    My track record of advocating for environmental stewardship and land management includes:
    • As a member of the Landlocked Forest Committee; I voted to protect the Forest as a protected open space for Burlington
    • I am a current Steering Committee Member of the Community Preservation Act which, if enacted, would establish a source of funding for historic preservation, affordable housing and open space protection for our Town