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Letter to the Editor: Shari Ellis Has the Right Experience for Board of Selectmen

By BCAT News
March 12, 2021

When I was first elected as a Town Meeting Member and was a political novice, Shari took me under her wing and got me involved with the effort to save the Landlocked Forest. She had a prominent role in that successful effort. I served with her (at her coaxing) on the committee that was instrumental in establishing a permanent, standing Zoning Bylaw Review Committee. That was, and is, a really big deal for the Town and Shari has served as Chair of that committee since the beginning. I have personally seen her in action at our Town Meetings as well as numerous Planning Board meetings. She continually attends many, many Board of Selectman meetings, Zoning Board of Appeals meetings, and Conservation Commission meetings. As a small example of this, Shari took an interest in a development project under construction behind my house and attended Planning Board meetings on the matter so she could advise me on how to handle the situation.

Shari is passionate about making Burlington a better place to live. When she takes on a cause, she stays focused on it until there is a resolution. Her ability to accomplish so much is because of her incredible energy and insight into the inner workings of all aspects of town government and town politics. Shari Ellis will make an absolutely great addition to the Board of Selectmen.

David Miller
19 Gloria Circle
Town Meeting Member Precinct 4