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Letter to the Editor ‘Neighbor Who Looks Out For Everyone’ Shari Ellis For Board Of Selectmen

By BCAT News
March 9, 2021

Have you ever had a neighbor who, more than most folks, is a person who looks out for everybody along the street? A neighbor who, when it is time to have a block party or a discussion about a problem, has the yard where everyone gathers? I have, my neighbor Shari Ellis.

Then, when the neighborhood got together with the rest of Precinct 3 and voted her onto Town Meeting, she brought that “we want to take care of everyone” attitude to community issues. I saw this close up when Shari and I served on the Land Use Committee of Town Meeting. From that platform, I watched her tackle one issue after another with a fierce determination to get to all of the facts and then make sure the Town did the right thing.

For example, before anyone thought it was possible, Shari decided that we really needed more sidewalks in Burlington. She went out to talk to residents, then she went and talked to the Dept. of Public Works, and then to members of the Planning Board. When obstacles arose, she wouldn’t take no for an answer and, after much pushing and pulling, Burlington began putting in more sidewalks and more money is targeted for sidewalks in the future.

The key to this and other issues was her willingness to talk to everyone involved, decide on what was best for the residents of Burlington, and then persist until the right thing happened. These are the kind of qualities that, I believe, will make her a terrific member of the Select Board. Please remember Shari when you cast your vote on Saturday, April 10.

Monte Pearson
5 Willow Way
Town Meeting member