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Letter To The Editor: In Support Of Shari Ellis

From Patch
Feb 3, 2021

Dear Editor:

Politics depends on the ever-evolving election of officials to keep government relevant and effective. My experience suggests that Burlington’s Town Meeting has been a key training ground preceding other positions within our town’s operation. And so, I am delighted that Shari Ellis is running for Burlington’s Select Board.

Shari Ellis, in her many years on Town Meeting, has proved to be capable and productive. She does her homework. She has served proactively-and chaired-Town Meeting committees, including land use and by-laws. She articulates problems clearly and comes up with solutions. Just one example: she sponsored, and then got passed, the Town Meeting warrant article which put sidewalks on Terrace Hall Avenue. Her initiative there sparked the formation of Town Meeting’s Sidewalk Study Committee-which has set forth a plan to extend these needed amenities. Shari gets things done!

Shari Ellis is intelligent, accessible and reliable. She will be an important voice on Burlington’s Select Board. I hope you will join me in voting for Shari Ellis on Saturday, April 10th.


Mildred J. Nash, TMM, precinct 3