Letter to the Editor: BCAT Shari Ellis

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Letter to the Editor Announcing Shari Ellis’ Candidacy

from BNEWS

My name Shari Ellis and I am excited to announce my candidacy for a seat on the Burlington Board of Selectmen.

Whether you’re a resident or community business partner, we have a collective interest in the place we live, work, play and age. Whether you’re new to town or have spent your entire life here, we all want Burlington to be a town we’re proud to call home.

32 years ago, my husband, Britt, and I chose Burlington to make our home for the many advantages it afforded us as a young family, including the recreation and school programs, the parks and playgrounds, the restaurants and shops and the expanse of town services despite a low tax rate. Over the course of those years, I’ve both worked and volunteered within our community to preserve these advantages and resources for our future.

As a professional, I have worked within our community, as both a Preschool Instructional Assistant, and as a Senior and Disability Resource Specialist. My role in both positions was to listen, validate, advocate and to provide solutions to enable all individuals to live to their fullest, with dignity and in the setting of their choice.

As a Town Meeting Member for 25 years, I have worked alongside fellow members, boards and committees, and town staff, gaining extensive knowledge and experience. By approaching each challenge with questions, researching and building consensus, we’ve accomplished a great deal: developing a sidewalk program, re-establishing the Town Scholarship Fund, bringing accountability to the schools’ financial process, and preserving the Land Locked Forest as open space.

Based on my discussions with many of you, I have identified what I see as four areas of focus for our town: managing the Town’s Economic Health, protecting our Environment and Open Space, open effective Communication, and enhancing our Community Character.

To learn more about these key issues, and my track record of success, please visit my website: www.EllisForBurlington.com, email me at shari@ellisforburlington.com or call 339-234-6392

It is with my proven track record of success, my ability to effectively communicate and collaborate, and my understanding of Burlington’s needs, I am confident that I am positioned to make an immediate contribution to the Board of Selectmen. I look forward to earning your vote and becoming your advocate in Town Hall.

Shari Ellis