Track Record of Success

As a Town Meeting member, I have listened, learned and developed a broad understanding of the many aspects of our municipal government and gained in depth knowledge on the complexities of our Town and factors that contribute to our community’s success. My professional skill set and personal attributes have enabled me to be an effective leader and team player; one who brings awareness of issues, initiates dialog, collaborates with stakeholders to find solutions and make them happen. I have worked with many of the Town’s Departments and Committees, such as the Department of Public Works (DPW), Council on Aging, Planning Department, School Committee and assisted on projects and issues such as:

  • Sidewalks: Collaborated with DPW, Selectmen and Town Meeting to develop a sidewalk development and maintenance program; contributing to a more pedestrian friendly community
  • Town Scholarship Fund: Co-sponsored the successful initiative that  re-established the Town of Burlington Scholarship Fund, enabling the students and adults in the town to receive grants for furthering their education
  • Town Bylaws: Established the Town’s Zoning Bylaw Review Committee, and currently serve as Chair
  • School Department Fiscal Review: Initiated, along with fellow Town Meeting Members and residents,  the oversight review and total revision of a formalized process for school financial oversight
  • Senior Housing Initiative: Worked alongside Town Departments and the Northwest Park developer to create a mutually beneficial Senior Housing Preference program
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Championed and cosponsored the DEI Director  position for the school department; enabling all of our students, staff, and community equitable access and opportunities
It is with my proven track record of success in getting things done through effective communication with relevant members of the Town’s staff and my broad level of understanding of Burlington’s many needs, that I am confident that I am positioned to make immediate contributions to the managing role of the Board of Selectmen