I believe it is critical to do more to protect our water and land resources, and work toward a sustainable quality of life and future for our town. Massachusetts continues its aggressive plans toward protecting our environment, and Burlington must follow suit. There are many plans and programs available to help communities achieve these goals.

I will continue to advocate for Burlington leaders to create our own action plans to address the guidelines and mandates set by the state.

MA Clean Energy and Climate Action Plan for 2025 and 2030

  • The 2025 and 2030 emissions target will be significantly below the 1990 baseline.
  • In order to meet these goals, Burlington must create policies that will address the needed target to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

MA Solid Waste Master Plan

  • This Plan establishes goals to reduce solid waste disposal statewide by 30 percent over the next decade.by implementing the following actions:
    • Lowering the threshold on commercial organic/food waste
    • Adding mattresses and textiles to the list of materials banned from disposal

To learn more about these Plans, visit these websites:

MA Clean Energy and Climate Action Plan for 2025 and 2030

A Solid Waste Master Plan