Letter to the Editor: BCAT, Zabolotny

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Letter to the Editor: Ernie Zabolotny (via BNews)

“A good example of her work to achieve those goals is the issue of sidewalks which has languished as a back burner item on the Town’s to do list..”

“Shari Ellis has clearly demonstrated her agreement and support of those goals by her work with the … ” read more

Letter to the Editor: BCAT Shari Ellis

Campaign NewsLetters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Shari Ellis Announces Candidacy

“Whether you’re a resident or community business partner, we have a collective interest in the place we live, work, play and age. Whether you’re new to town or have spent your entire life here, we all want Burlington to be a town we’re proud to call home.”

“It is with my proven track record of success, my ability to effectively communicate and collaborate, and my understanding of Burlington’s needs, I am confident that I am positioned to make an immediate contribution to the Board of Selectmen. I look forward to earning your vote and becoming your advocate in Town Hall.” read more