Why I’m Voting for Shari Ellis

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Letter to the Editor: Why I’m Voting for Shari Ellis

By BCAT News
March 22, 2021

Dear Editor,

When a new hat is thrown in the ring for a seat on the Town of Burlington Board of Selectmen, soon to be more appropriately re-named, Select Board, my interest is always piqued, and more so when the hat belongs to Shari Ellis. I write to the voters of Burlington to share my personal experience of why Shari Ellis should help lead Burlington.

My association to Shari Ellis began years ago when we served as Town Meeting and Land Use Committee members together. She tackled issues, including a complex Planned Development District (PDD) Zoning Bylaw rewrite which required understanding zoning, building, business, town departments, legal issues and people’s interests. I was impressed with Shari’s clear thinking, tenacity and ability to take ideas and turn them into solutions.

Whether collaborating with Shari as a Town Meeting, Land Use, Zoning or General Bylaw Review Committee member, she approaches issues with a passion to achieve results, using her ability to see root causes of a problem, create realistic, fiscally sound solutions, and communicate those ideas to reach consensus. Check out her Track Record of Success and History of Service at www.EllisForBurlington.com.

These are qualities we need in a person to lead Burlington. Please join me in voting for Shari Ellis for Board of Selectmen on April 10th.

Wendy Guthro

17 Treetop Court, Burlington, MA 01803